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Grandpa Wally

Welcome to my natural health blog site.

I imagine you might be asking: who is this guy Grandpa Wally, anyway?

I’m going to start off by telling you who Grandpa Wally is, and why he’s publishing this blog.

Many years ago, when I was about three years old and suffering from a miserable cold, I remember Grandma Sarah Allan telling my mother to give me a dose of honey, lemon juice, and whiskey for my cold and to relieve my sore, hoarse throat.

That was the first “grandma’s natural health remedy” I ever heard of. That was eight decades ago and, ever since,  I’ve had an enduring and avid interest in treating health issues naturally. I’ve experimented and used many natural treatments on myself.  I have researched old, natural remedies and have read every natural health book or blog I could lay my hands on since that time.

I’m also reminded of my last conversation with my personal physician; a distinguished Medical School professor who practiced internal medicine. He was my doctor for more than twenty years.

Well, about 12 years ago, when I had complained to him about experiencing numbness of my feet and the tips of my fingers, it was he who suggested I should have an MRI to help with the diagnosis. But, he advised, MRI’s are expensive procedures, so – since I was a Korean War veteran – I might want to seek treatment at the local VA Medical Center where expensive tests could be performed at much lower cost. [I had recently left my employment and consequently lost my health insurance coverage.]

Several years later, when he announced his retirement from the practice of medicine, I called his office to make an appointment just to say “farewell” to a man who had been giving me medical advice and treating me for one ailment or another for over 20 years.

We had a nice conversation that day and said our “goodbyes.” Then as we stood to shake hands before I headed out the door, he said a very surprising thing.

He looked me in the eyes and said:

“Well, Wally, I just wish you had had more pain!”

“Why would you say a thing like that?” I asked him, incredulously.

His reply was: “Well, we doctors know how to treat pain!”

 I suppose he was expressing some remorse at having been unable to diagnose the cause of my peripheral neuropathy.

 [Eventually the VA Medical Center diagnosed my numbness as small fiber idiopathic peripheral neuropathy – idiopathic meaning “we can't determine the cause of this numbness and therefore don’t know how to treat it!” This was the result after about five years of very expensive testing.]

Well, you know, I thought about his farewell remark for a second and then said, “yeah, doc, you know how to treat pain with pain pills. But you don’t always know how to ‘cure’ the underlying cause of the pain, just giving the patient some temporary superficial relief.” He just smiled and waved goodbye.

 [We remain good friends and see each other occasionally on the campus of the university where he continues to teach medical students part time in his retirement.]

 Well, as time goes by, although I have tremendous respect for the medical profession, I find that I rely on their supposed wisdom less and less, and “self doctor” more and more, and with good results overall.

 So, now that brings me to the reason for this blog. Over a long spread of time – more than 60 years – I have done loads of research and study to find the answers to my health issues as they have arisen, especially when I was dissatisfied with a doctor’s diagnosis or lack thereof, or didn’t wish to submit myself to the risks of traditional medical procedures.

 And now, like my Grandma Sarah Allan, I want to share the knowledge of that research and some of the results of my self doctoring. It is my hope and desire that the natural remedies I impart through this blog – most of which I have actually used myself to cure my own personal ailments of one kind or another – will help you and your loved ones and others who find this blog to do some self doctoring yourself when your medical professional is not able to diagnose or treat you appropriately – or when you are not satisfied with and don’t want to settle for just a dose of those pain pills they so readily hand out or prescribe. If you’re like me, you know those pain pills, while they may give some immediate and temporary relief from pain, are usually accompanied by some serious side effects that can lead to additional health problems going forward.

 So come back and keep up with the natural health remedies I’ll talk about, some of which I’ve experimented with on myself and have worked wonders for me.  As we go along, you can leave comments in our comments section with your email address and I’ll try to get back in touch with you as soon as possible.


DISCLAIMER: I’ll begin by telling you that I am not a medical professional, a doctor, or a medical expert of any kind. Nor am I representing myself in any way as an authority on health or medical issues. Here I am only relating to you, the reader, details of my personal experience with natural health remedies I have researched and experimented with on my own.

 If you have a medical problem Grandpa Wally would be the first to advise you that you should first see your doctor or a medical professional. Discuss the issue with someone who is licensed to practice medicine by the local government authorities.


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